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Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Carrie Masek

It’s already 2019 and this year is looking like a great year for coffee. Kona is coming early (we’ll let you know when the new crop’s here), the Indonesian coffees are looking good as are the new crop coffees from our favorite origins in South America. Any way you look at it, January 2019 is a great time for coffee!

Those who enjoy a bold start to their morning, should check out January’s Coffee of the Month, Midwinter’s Brew. A smooth, full-bodied coffee with dried fruit sweetness and a hint of spice, Midwinter’s Brew is bold enough to warm the coldest winter morning and smooth enough to enjoy all day. Available all month in both full and 1/2 roast pouches.

Our Exploration Coffee for January is naturally processed, full-bodied and complex Organic Bali Kintamani. Roasted to a Full City to highlight the sweet, rich flavor of chocolate and figs soaked in plum brandy, Organic Bali Kintamani is another great coffee for warming cold winter days. Available in 1/2 roast pouches through January.

Organic Peru Norandino is back…and just in time! We’re sorry to see the last of last year’s Organic Peru La Florida, but are delighted to have more of our favorite coffee from Peru. A coffee that takes any roast level well, at a light roast level, Organic Peru Norandino makes a lovely, smooth and bright breakfast coffee. Roast it a little darker for a richly satisfying cup or take it as dark as you dare for the ultimate in a sweet, bold, dark roast.

The Organic Peru Norandino is the first, but we have more Southern Hemisphere coffees on their way. Keep an eye on the website for the new coffees. We’ll let you know when they arrive. We’re especially excited about the new crop from Ecuador, the new crop of naturally processed Ethiopia Lake Abaya and, of course, the new crop of Kona.

In the meantime, we have a little of this year’s Kona left. We’ll leave it on sale while the supply lasts. It’s our way of helping spread a little Hawaiian sunshine during the dark months of winter.

Over the holidays, we discovered a new coffee-related website. Coffee Abode is full of information about coffee: Types of coffees, brewing methods, brands of brewers and more. It’s a great resource for those who love coffee, and we particularly enjoyed an article on the Pros and Cons of drinking coffee. We think the pros win every time, but check out the article and make up your own mind.

And finally, to thank the readers of this blog, we’re offering a free 1/2 roast of Midwinter’s Brew with your first order of the month. Just write, “January,” in the box for Additional Instructions and we’ll throw in the 1/2 roast pouch at no extra charge.

Sharing coffee is our favorite way to celebrate the new year.

Have a great one!

~ Carrie, Paul and all of us at Coffee by the Roast