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Celebrate Independence Day with Great Coffee!

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Celebrate Independence Day with Great Coffee!

Carrie Masek

Happy July, a month full of warm days, picnics, parades and celebration!  Independence Day is just a few days away.  You already have the flags and the fireworks. Don't forget the coffee!  Whether it's a steaming cup before the morning parade, a patriotic iced coffee drink during a picnic, or a cup of decaf with the fireworks display, the 4th of July is a great time for coffee.

To help you celebrate and keep cool, this month's Coffee of the Month is blend of all naturally processed American coffees that is lovely brewed hot and also makes a fantastic Cold Brew. This smooth, rich and creamy coffee with hints of toffee, hazelnut and apricot will be available all month in both full and 1/2 roast bags.

We're changing our Monthly 1/2 Roast Special to "Exploration Coffee."  It's the same great coffee and the same great deal, but from now on we'll be choosing the coffee so it's an interesting contrast to the Coffee of the Month. If you don't drink a lot of coffee, but would love to explore the range of coffee possibilities, our Exploration Coffee is for you!

This month, our Exploration Coffee is Costa Rica Cafe Vida at a City roast level.  A lovely single origin coffee from Central America, Costa Rica Cafe Vida is a washed coffee, smooth and sweet with soft blueberry topnotes and a rich, milk chocolate finish.  Brewed hot, it's a light and lively breakfast coffee that's smooth enough to enjoy all day.  Cold Brewing tames the lively notes and brings out the blueberry sweetness. Try both our 1/2 roasts to enjoy the difference natural vs washed green coffee makes to the final cup.  

Whichever coffee you brew, it's fun to blend flavors and serve it over ice for a cool, sweet treat.  For the 4th of July, we love to serve Red, White and Blue coffee.  Here's the recipe:

Start with either brewed espresso, strong hot-brewed coffee, or Cold Brew.  If using espresso or hot-brewed coffee, let cool a bit.  Pour 6 oz (or so) of the coffee over ice. Pour in milk (or 1/2 and 1/2), and add a shot each of blueberry syrup and cherry concentrate. (Cherry syrup makes a sweeter drink, but we like the tart zing of sour cherries.)
Stir and enjoy! 

July is also a great month for new coffees.  Wonderful coffees from the Northern hemisphere have started to role in.  Just last week, we received new organically certified coffees from Guatemala and Mexico.  Organic Guatemala Guaya'b is a smooth, sweet coffee with lively lemon topnotes and lingering toffee richness. Organic Mexico Chiapas is a smooth and gentle coffee with a spritz of lemon and a rich, nutty finish.  

Later this month, we hope to receive more new crop favorites, Costa Rica Monte Crisol and Pamana Boquete.  

In the meantime, to thank the readers of our blog, we're offering a free 1/2 roast of coffee with your first order.  Just write, "July," in the box for Additional Instructions, and we'll add a 1/2 roast of Summer Ice to your order at no extra charge.

Sharing great coffee is our favorite way to celebrate Independence Day!

~ Carrie, Paul and all of us at Coffee by the Roast