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 Valentine to an Early Spring and Jamaica me Crazy® flavored coffee.

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Valentine to an Early Spring and Jamaica me Crazy® flavored coffee.

Carrie Masek

Yesterday was Groundhog Day and Punxutawney Phil predicted an early spring. Great news for those of us who have just survived a polar vortex.

Here at Coffee by the Roast, we got to thinking about spring and that led us to thoughts of the Lunar New Year and its Spring Festival. Throughout the whole world, people celebrate the Lunar New Year with a 23 days of parties, parades, and gifts. And every year, some of our favorite customers order small gift bags of Jamaica me Crazy® flavored coffee, to share with family and friends during the festival. Part of the appeal is the coffee itself, a sweet and gentle coffee that flavored with vanilla, caramel and the flavor of a Jamaican coffee liqueur. Another part of the appeal are the bags we put it in. Gold is a lucky color for New Year’s gifts, symbolizing wishes for a new year full of happiness and prosperity .

The Year of the Pig starts Tuesday, February 5, and the lovely tradition of visiting friends and family with small gifts inspired us to write a Valentine to Jamaica me Crazy® coffee, and the customers who love it.

Sweet, gentle coffee

Golden gift for New Year's Day

Love and joy all year.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Year of the Pig, or the Spring Festival, here are some links about it.

Thanks for reading our Valentine. Join the conversation and send a valentine to your favorite Coffee by the Roast coffee by leaving a response in the Facebook thread or a comment on this blog. Or, if you'd like to send your valentines to the wider world of coffee lovers, leave us a coffee review on Google or on your favorite review site. Not only do we value your opinions, but reviews help more people find us. Help us connect coffee lovers to fresh, quality coffee and spread the love of coffee this February!

~ Carrie, Paul and all of us at Coffee by the Roast