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Valentine to Organic Dragon

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Valentine to Organic Dragon

Carrie Masek

For most people, Valentine’s Day is about hearts and candy and romantic love. Here at Coffee by the Roast, it’s about coffee, but it wasn’t until our coffee valentines, that we realized it could also be about a dragon…Organic Dragon.

Amanda is part of our amazing support staff, and in her free time she loves fantastic stories and fantasy role-playing games. Her house is decorated with images of dragons, so we weren’t too surprised when Organic Dragon turned out to be her pick for a coffee valentine.

All of us love this naturally processed coffee from the island of Flores in Indonesia. It’s silky smooth, with a full body and flavor rich in toasted caramel and Baker’s chocolate. Add an intensely sweet, malted-barley aroma for a coffee that’s as delicious as it is exotic. Even more fun, Komodo dragons frequent the coffee farms, and have been seen strolling between the very plants that grow the beans we all love.

Here’s our Valentine to fantastic and exotic Organic Dragon:

My Dragon beside me breathes exotic steams

A fresh cup of coffee that's more than it seems.

From Flores, Bajawa's rainforested groves,

This organic coffee that lures them in droves.

With rich toasted caramel, smooth on the tongue

Complex, boldly sweet, with its flavor far flung.

I breathe in malt-barley and wake into dreams,

Volcanoes, Komodos, and crystalline streams.

I savor my coffee, its balanced delight,

And like a dream dragon, I'm poised to take flight.

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~ Carrie, Paul and all of us at Coffee by the Roast