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Valentine to Organic Bali Kintamani

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Valentine to Organic Bali Kintamani

Carrie Masek

There’s nothing like a grey, blustery morning to make a person long for a South Sea island adventure, complete with coconut palms, white beaches and crystalline lagoons. Those of us who can’t hop on our private jet for a quick trip to Tahiti can still enjoy the taste of the islands with a cup of Paul’s favorite coffee, the truly exotic Organic Bali Kintamani.

Paul started in the coffee business way back in 1974, when he got his first job by showing the owner of a coffee house that he could lift a 150 lb bag of green coffee and carry it across the room. Though he spent years in high tech and business consulting professions, he never lost his love for coffee and the coffee industry. Nowadays, he gets to roast and savor some of the best coffees in the world. That’s a lot of great coffee for potential valentines, but no one here was surprised when Paul chose Organic Bali Kintamani. Here’s why:

1) Bali is a naturally processed coffee, and Paul loves naturally processed coffees.

2) Bali is a full-bodied coffee, bold and complex, with an intense aroma and candied fruit flavors. Paul loves his coffee bold and complex.

3) Bali reminds us all of warm, tropical islands, and all of us love warm thoughts this time of year.

Here’s our valentine to Organic Bali Kintamani.

A sip of your scent starts the morning with ease.

I just close my eyes, feel the tropical breeze.

Rainforested island, a true paradise,

with candied fruit orchards and bushes of spice,

Bali Kintamani, bold brew in my cup,

A smooth, morning pleasure, a dream to wake up.

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~ Carrie, Paul and all of us at Coffee by the Roast