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What starts with Coffee and ends with Spooks...October!

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What starts with Coffee and ends with Spooks...October!

Carrie Masek

October is a great month.  The weather is crisp, the leaves turn beautiful colors, and the month ends with Halloween fun.  October is also a time of harvest and abundance. Here are some ways to get the most coffee fun out of your October.

For a sinfully delicious dark roasted coffee that is sweet, bold and complex, try Black Magic, October’s Coffee of the month. A bold way to start the day and a great coffee to enjoy with Halloween treats, Black Magic will be available in both full and 1/2 roast bags all month.

Our Exploration Coffee for October is lively, sweet and creamy Burundi Kirema. A lively way to start your morning, and smooth enough to enjoy all day, this African treasure is a wonderful contrast to Black Magic and is available all month in both full and 1/2 roast bags.

Fall is a great time of year for coffee! The last and often best of the Northern Hemisphere coffees become available along with the first of the Southern Hemisphere coffees. We’ve been waiting for some of these for over a year! If you’ve been waiting for us to get more of your favorite single origin coffee, here’s a list of the ones that just arrived:

Colombia Gran Galope: A well balanced, medium bodied coffee with typical Colombian richness. A smooth, mellow coffee with a spritz of lemon balanced by toffee sweetness. A great example of why Colombian coffee is an American favorite.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Lake Abaya: A “practically perfect” coffee from the birthplace of coffee, as sweet and smooth as Kona, with an intense floral aroma and lively citrus topnotes balanced by caramel richness.

Kenya Kichwa Tembo: Kenyan coffee is prized by coffee connoisseurs as the brightest coffee grown. Kichwa Tembo not only features tangy fruit acidity, but is balanced by apple and citrus sweetness and chocolate richness for a delicious, satisfying cup.

New Guinea Kimel: We’ve waited over a year, but we finally have new crop New Guinea Kimel. Grown from cuttings brought from Jamaica and nurtured in the volcanic soils of the Kimel Estate in Papua New Guinea, New Guinea Kimel offers the lively and sweet flavor of an Island Coffee with the full body and complexity of an Indonesian.

Organic Nicaragua Paraiso: A delightful organically certified coffee grown on five small farms owned by members of a single family. This balanced coffee is creamy and easy to drink, with almond nougat sweetness and dark chocolate richness. Smooth, rich and sustainable!

Organic Dragon: We’ve missed this organically certified coffee from the island of Flores! We’ve waited and waited and the new crop is finally here. And it’s great! Naturally processed, organic, Rain Forest Alliance certified, Organic Dragon is sweet and complex with malted barley aroma, smooth, silky texture & Bakers chocolate and toasted caramel richness.

Panama Boquete: A sweet, rich and lovely coffee, great for those who love Kona's flavor, but hate the price. Literally grown on a mountaintop, this well balanced coffee combines a creamy texture with candy sweetness, milk chocolate richness and a hint of caramel.

For those of you who enjoy your coffee decaffeinated, we found something special, a single estate decaf, Decaf Mexico La Victoria. Sweet & lively, with a savory hint of salted nuts & a rich cocoa finish. For a lively, smooth, easy drinking coffee with no caffeine, try Decaf Mexico Finca La Victoria light roasted. Try it darker if you prefer a sweeter, richer cup.

Finally, to thank the readers of this blog, we’re offering a free 1/2 roast of coffee with your first order of the month. Just write, “October,” in the box for Additional Instructions, and we’ll add a 1/2 roast bag of Black Magic to your order at no extra charge. Sharing coffee is our favorite way to enjoy our favorite season!

~ Carrie, Paul, and all of us at Coffee by the Roast