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A Taste in Time: History through Coffee

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A Taste in Time: History through Coffee

Carrie Masek

We find the history of coffee fascinating, and many of our blends are based on historic recipes. That's why we added historical context to the names of our Signature Blend coffees. Keep reading for the lowdown on A Taste in Time, including when the coffee was first enjoyed, what's special about the coffee, and how it's enjoyed today.

Ile de France 1700

Inspired by the coffee served in European coffee houses of the 18th century. A mild, heavy bodied coffee with a smooth, rich flavor that is still enjoyed in the bistros of Paris today. Visit Paris with every sip.

Mokha Java 1790

A blend of naturally processed beans from Indonesia and Northern Africa, inspired by the first coffee blend served in European coffee houses of the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Sweet, smooth and complex, with rich chocolate notes and a hint of spice. Discover why the original coffee blend is still popular today.

New Orleans Roast 1803

Inspired by the coffee enjoyed in the cafés of the French Quarter at the time of the Louisiana Purchase. A sweet, medium bodied coffee with a clean finish and a hint of spice, perfect for mixing with steamed milk for cafe au lait, or blend with chicory for the traditional coffee of Mardi Gras.

Cowboy Coffee 1870

Inspired by the coffee enjoyed by cowboys on the range in the American Old West. A bright, medium bodied coffee with a smooth flavor and clean finish. This is a great choice for those who enjoy sitting around a campfire, sipping black coffee.

Espresso Milano 1906

Inspired by the cafeé espresso introduced at the 1906 Milan Fair. A heavy bodied Espresso with chocolate and currant overtones, this style of smooth, low acid espresso is enjoyed today in many Italian countryside caffès.

WWI Roast 1917

A recipe from roasters in WWI who braved death to roast and serve fresh coffee to soldiers in the trenches. A mild, medium bodied coffee, smooth enough to drink all day, with a rich flavor and clean finish, this coffee keeps you going no matter how tough the going gets.

Chicago Cup 1925

Inspired by the coffees enjoyed in Chicago during the Roaring '20's. A well balanced, medium bodied coffee with a rich, complex flavor. The gangsters and bootleg whiskey are gone, but you can still enjoy the coffee that made the city roar.

Espresso Trieste 1948

Inspired by the coffee used in the first modern espresso machines. A smooth, intensely heavy bodied espresso with rich, complex flavor and deep chocolate overtones. Enjoy the crema and discover why espresso spread to the sophisticated cities of Italy and around the world.

San Francisco Foglifter 1950

The coffee of San Francisco's Beat generation. A well balanced, heavy bodied coffee with a very intense, complex flavor. A wonderful coffee to linger over with dessert or poetry.

Kona Coffee 1967

1967, the first year over a million people visited Hawaii and brought back a love of the island's coffee. Candy sweet, chocolate rich, with a spark of citrus, Kona Coffee 1967 is a Hawaiian vacation in your cup.

On the Road Buzz 1975

This is where history gets personal. In 1975, Paul and I took our first, cross-country road trip...on bicycles! We rode from Portland, OR, to Boston, MA. On the Road Buzz 1975 is dedicated to the best of the high caffeine coffees that fueled our journey; strong, medium bodied coffee with extra kick to jump-start the day and go the full distance.

Espresso Pacifico 1985

Inspired by the espressos created during the birth of the Pacific Northwest's coffee culture. A very bright, heavy bodied espresso with chocolate overtones, Espresso Pacifico provides an intense coffee flavor that shines through lattes and other milk-based drinks.

Cafe Mokha Java 2000

A modern take on the original coffee blend. Very bright, intensely flavored African and full-bodied Indonesian coffees combine to create a big-flavored, complex blend that's a 21st century coffee shop favorite.

Espresso Kyoto 2010

A cutting edge “Third Wave” espresso, inspired by those enjoyed in modern Japanese coffeehouses. A lively, heavy bodied espresso with chocolate overtones, floral topnotes and barley sweetness. Espresso Kyoto shines through lattes and other milk-based drinks and makes excellent Cold Brew.

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