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So Many New Coffees...

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So Many New Coffees...

Carrie Masek

We've had so much fun with our Panama Geisha adventure, that I haven't had a chance to mention the other wonderful coffees we've brought in over the last two months. The best of the new crop Northern Hemisphere coffees begin to arrive in early summer, and we've found some wonderful coffees from Central America and North Africa. Here's a belated list:

Two new crop Costa Ricans: our favorite coffee from the Tarrazu region, Cafe Vida, and the hard to find but delightful Monte Crisol. Both coffees are smooth and easy drinking with lovely blueberry topnotes and balancing richness. Cafe Vida also offers milk chocolate sweetness while Monte Crisol has a lovely buttery finish.

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Lake Abaya: The new crop Ethiopian's are just beginning to arrive. We have to wait a little longer for the new Natural Lake Abaya and Harrar, but the washed Ethiopia Yirgaceffee Lake Abaya arrived last week. My, but it's a lovely coffee! As sweet and smooth as Kona, with an intense jasmine aroma, lively lemon and apricot topnotes and lingering caramel richness. We like this coffee so much, we'll be featuring it as our Monthly ½ Roast for August.

Guatemala El Injertal: One of our favorite coffees from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala, El Injertal has that buttery richness we expect, along with lovely chocolate sweetness and a lively hint of cherry. One more reason to love this's Rain Forest Alliance certified! It is also our Monthly ½ Roast for July.

Organic Mexico Dos Rios: A smooth and balanced organically certified coffee from Oaxaca, with a dark chocolate flavor brightened by a hint of lemon and an unusual cinnamon finish.

Organic Nicaragua Segovia: Rich and balanced, tangy, juicy and sweet, is it any wonder this is our go-to coffee from Nicaragua?

Panama Boquete Maunier Estate: This season's Panama Boquete is lovely, with honey sweetness, butter richness and a hint of peach and lemon.

Decaf Colombia Santa Barbara: A rich and balanced decaf from one of our favorite Colombian estates, with typical Colombian richness enlivened by a spritz of citrus. The classic American coffee with all the flavor and none of the buzz.

Even though we've received a lot of new coffees, I haven't updated the “New Arrivals” page. That's because our web team is working hard on a new version of our website, one that doesn't have a New Arrivals page. Over the next month, lot of things about the website will be changing, the graphics, the pages, and most of our coffees' names.

What's not changing is the coffee. Seasonal crop changes mean we're tweaking our blends to best capture the essence of a particular time and place, but the flavor profiles for our coffee blends will remain the same. The quality of our coffee will remain the same. The roasting isn't changing, either. You'll be getting the same, great coffee as always.

We just hope to make it a little easier and more fun to buy. If you have any problems finding your favorite coffee on the new website, or if you have any other questions, please contact us and ask.