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2321 Davis St., Unit C
North Chicago, IL


Coffee by the Roast is the retail website of Coffee Fresh, Inc, a small batch, specialty grade coffee roaster in North Chicago, IL, where customers can buy coffee online. Coffee by the Roast allows retail customers to buy fresh, custom roasted coffee online and have it shipped to any US address.  We provide only specialty grade coffee and roast the coffee to order.  Since coffee remains fresh for two to three weeks after roasting, we mail the coffee within twenty four hours to ensure our coffee is always fresh.

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Decaf Single Origin Coffee

Single Origin Decaf Coffee
Fresh roasted decaf coffee beans
Organic Mexican Decaf Coffee
Decaf Sumatran Coffee
Single Origin Decaf Coffee
Fresh roasted decaf coffee beans
Organic Mexican Decaf Coffee
Decaf Sumatran Coffee

Decaf Single Origin Coffee

from 17.14

All the flavor, none of the buzz.  Enjoy your favorite single origin coffees anytime of day.

Roaster's Choice: Varies by origin. See below for details.

Origin Country:
Roast Level:
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Decaf Brazil: A naturally processed decaf, smooth, rich and nutty. Select City or Full City roast level to heighten nutty richness, Vienna or darker for an even richer, bolder cup. Roaster's Choice: Full City 

Decaf Ethiopia Sidamo: A naturally processed decaf from the birthplace of coffee. Select a City or Full City roast level to heighten berry topnotes, Vienna or Northern Italian to bring out Baker's chocolate finish. Roaster's Choice: City

Organic Decaf Mexico:  An organically certified decaf coffee, smooth and sweet with a spritz of citrus and a clean finish. Select City or Full City roast levels to heighten lively topnotes, Vienna or Northern Italian for a sweeter, richer cup. For a morning coffee with a lively flavor and no caffeine buzz, try Decaf Mexican at a light roast.  Roaster's Choice:  City

Organic Decaf Peru: An organically certified decaf coffee with a rich flavor and sweet, clean finish.  Grown on the heights of the Andes mountains, this is a decaf that takes all roast levels well.  Select City roast to bring out lively topnotes, Full City or Vienna for a richer, sweeter cup.  Go even darker for a surprisingly bold and satisfying Decaf French Roast. Roaster's Choice: City

Decaf Sumatra:  A deeply rich, complex Indonesian coffee.  For a dark brew with a full body and mellow tones without the caffeine keep-me-up, try Decaf Sumatran at a darker roast. This is a coffee to take as dark as you dare!  Roaster's Choice: Full City

(All coffees are decaffeinated with a water process that does not use chemical solvents)