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2321 Davis St., Unit C
North Chicago, IL


Coffee by the Roast is the retail website of Coffee Fresh, Inc, a small batch, specialty grade coffee roaster in North Chicago, IL, where customers can buy coffee online. Coffee by the Roast allows retail customers to buy fresh, custom roasted coffee online and have it shipped to any US address.  We provide only specialty grade coffee and roast the coffee to order.  Since coffee remains fresh for two to three weeks after roasting, we mail the coffee within twenty four hours to ensure our coffee is always fresh.

Where in the world was your favorite coffee?

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Where in the world was your favorite coffee?

Carrie Masek

Coffee is the most popular beverage in the world. Ok, plain water probably beats coffee in gallons consumed, but in terms of variety and pleasure, coffee is king. One of the fun things about traveling is discovering the different ways people around the world serve and enjoy coffee.

For this blog series, we ask you to share one (or more) of the places you've been where you enjoyed fabulous coffee. For some it might be a small town doughnut shop, for others a resort in Hawaii, or a private home in Ethiopia, or on a busy street in Kuala Lumpur.

We'll start with one of my favorite coffee-related travel memories, coffee in Paris.

Paris is a beautiful city, even on rainy April mornings. One such morning, I was sitting inside a Parisian cafe, nibbling croissants and sipping strong, dark-roasted and perfectly brewed coffee. That same day, I ordered coffee after dinner, and it arrived with a plate of tiny chocolates. Yum! Café in Paris is definitely one of my favorite travel memories.

So what's yours? We'd love to know and to share it with the other readers of this blog. In the meantime, here are some links to take you on a virtual coffee tour.

Until next time,

Carrie and the other coffee geeks at Coffee by the Roast