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Coffee by the Roast: fresh roasted, small batch, specialty grade coffee. Online. Roasted-to-order, custom coffee ships within 24 hours to any US address. Find your favorite specialty grade coffee or create your own coffee. Buy coffee online and get fresh, custom coffee delivered to your door.

New Year, New Coffees, New Prices

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New Year, New Coffees, New Prices

Carrie Masek

Happy 2017! Need to "wake up" your new year? We've got the coffee for you!

Early Sunrise, our Coffee of the Month for January, is an energizing breakfast coffee that starts with a spritz of citrus that melts into a clean refreshing finish. Lively enough to brighten the darkest winter morning, smooth enough to enjoy all day. Available in full and ½ roast bags.

The southern hemisphere coffees are rolling in, and we have new crop coffees to please any palate. Enjoy your coffee light and lively? Try our new coffees from Burundi and Rwanda. Prefer a bolder, richer cup? Any of our new Indonesians are sure to please. Or stay in the Americas and try the new crop of our favorite coffee from the top of the Andes, organically certified Peru Norandino.

For those of you who want something completely different, and delicious, to start the new year, we just got in two coffees that both surprised and delighted us. The first is from our favorite growing region in Costa Rica. Costa Rica Tarrazu, Don Pepe, is an unusual, naturally processed Costa Rican. The natural process results in a fuller body and more complex flavor, fresh blueberry topnotes with dried fruit sweetness and smooth, chocolate richness. The second and even more surprising coffee comes from the other side of the world.

In the 90’s, a project started to give poor farmers a better option than growing opium for international drug lords. Twenty years later, children of those original farmers have graduated college and come home to take over and improve on their parents’ work. The result? Thai Doi Pangkhon, a wonderful, specialty grade Asian coffee that is processed like a Kenyan and tastes like a good Central American, smooth and lively, with soft lemon topnotes and nutty richness.

To learn more of this coffee’s amazing story, click here.

Our costs went up over the year, and effective January 1, so will our prices. But higher costs mean more options. We now offer three ways to buy 1/2 roast sample bags. Choose from our Coffee of the Month, a featured varietal (changes monthly) or a 3 pouch sampler pack: 3 different coffees chosen for you by our roaster.

Finally, to thank you for reading this blog, and to help your New Year be even brighter, we’re offering a FREE ½ roast of coffee with your first order of the month. Just write, “January” in the box for additional instructions (or send us an email). We’ll add a ½ roast of Early Sunrise to your order at no extra charge.

Drinking and sharing great coffee is our favorite way to celebrate the New Year!