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Inexpensive ways to brew good coffee.

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Inexpensive ways to brew good coffee.

Carrie Masek

Here at Coffee by the Roast, we pride ourselves on providing the very best coffee at the most reasonable price possible. Unfortunately, even amazing coffee can be ruined by a bad brewer, and some of the finest brewers are priced outside the range of most coffee lovers. The good news is, there are several ways to brew great coffee without breaking the bank. This blog post covers some of our favorite inexpensive ways to brew coffee.

Our favorite way to brew coffee is with a French Press. We even have a video about brewing with a French Press on our FAQ page. A French Press not only makes great coffee, it’s one of the most reasonably priced brewing options. You can find one online for less than $20, but our favorite style of French Press is made by Planetary Design and starts at about $40. Instead of being made of glass, the body of the press is made of double-sided stainless steel. It’s basically a thermos. It doesn’t break when dropped, and it keeps the coffee hot for up to 2 hours. What’s not to love? We have the 20 oz. press available on our website. Planetary Design also offers 32 oz and 40 oz sizes.

You can also use a French Press to make great Cold Brew coffee, but you don’t have to spend even $20, if you don’t want to. All you need to make Cold Brew coffee is a Mason jar and either a sieve or filter to keep the grounds from your cup. A pair of 32 oz jars are available for under $10.

Making Cold Brew coffee takes time, though, 24 hours or more. For a reasonably priced brewer that’s fast and convenient, many folks turn to a home drip brewer like Mr. Coffee. A 12 cup coffee maker is available for about $25.

Another old school way to brew coffee that’s both good and inexpensive is with a pour over system. Elegant coffee shops may charge a premium for a pour over cup, but you can make your own pour over at home for a fraction of the cost. A pour over system with a 10 cup stainless thermal carafe is available for less than $40.

All these options can brew a great cup of coffee, but what about those who love espresso? Espresso machines are notoriously expensive. Luckily, there’s couple of relatively inexpensive ways to brew coffee that does a pretty good job with espresso. The newest is called Aeropress, and while it doesn’t produce the thick foam of a professional espresso machine, it does brew an intense and flavorful coffee that’s great black or with steamed milk for a latte or mocha. At less than $30, it’s also an inexpensive way to get your espresso fix.

An even less expensive way, though, is an old fashioned, stovetop Moka Pot. A six cup Moka Pot is available for less than $20.

What’s your favorite way to brew coffee? We’d love to know. Please join the conversation and share your thoughts on the Facebook thread or in a comment on this blog. Or, if you'd like to share your opinions with the wider world, leave us a coffee review on Google or on your favorite review site. Not only do we value your opinions, but reviews help more people find us. Help us connect coffee lovers to fresh, quality coffee!


~ Carrie, Paul and all of us at Coffee by the Roast

Some of the ideas for this post came from this article. Check it out for more inexpensive brewer ideas.