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Coffee by the Roast: fresh roasted, small batch, specialty grade coffee. Online. Roasted-to-order, custom coffee ships within 24 hours to any US address. Find your favorite specialty grade coffee or create your own coffee. Buy coffee online and get fresh, custom coffee delivered to your door.

More new coffees...including Kona!

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Coffee by the Roast newsletters, announcements and coming attractions.  New Varieties of Coffee. New Brewing Methods. Recipes. Here's where you find out what Coffee by the Roast is up to.


More new coffees...including Kona!

Carrie Masek

Last time on Coffee by the Blog, we told you about the first of our spring arrivals. We just finished cupping that shipment this morning and can't wait to share the good news.

We really like our new Tanzania Peaberry. We look for Tanzanians that are bright, lively coffees with prominent citrus notes. This one has the zesty lemon notes we love, balanced with brown sugar sweetness, cocoa richness and just a hint of spice. If you enjoy your coffee light and lively, our new Tanzania Peaberry brews into a satisfying cup that is well worth a try.

This season's Kona Pahala arrived a little later than usual. Luckily, it was well worth the wait. Smooth and silky, with candy sweetness, caramel richness a lovely, floral fragrance that reminds us of honeysuckle, this year's Kona Pahala is special even by Kona standards. Add a drop of cream for an even sweeter, richer cup.

Our new spring arrivals got us thinking about coffee preferences and how every person has their own. We think of it as a person's Coffee Personality. Some of us are light and lively, others smooth and rich or bold and complex. A few of us are all of the above, but most people have some coffees that they love and others that they don't enjoy. For fun, and to help the readers of this blog discover new coffees that fit their tastes, we've come up with a Coffee Personality Quiz.

Take a look, fill it out, and send it in. We'll get back to you with coffee recommendations that fit your answers, your Coffee Personality. It's fun. It's easy. Best of all, you might discover a new favorite coffee.

Thanks for reading our blog and enjoying our coffees!

~ Carrie, Paul and all of us at Coffee by the Roast.