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Early Spring Arrivals

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Early Spring Arrivals

Carrie Masek

Early spring weather is full of contradictions, as is the coffee we receive at this time of year.  Weatherwise, the days are getting warmer, but, there's still a good chance of blizzards and severe winter weather. Some of winter's most exciting weather waits until March. 

Similarly, the first of the Northern Hemisphere coffees become available in early spring, but they're just hint at the coffees to come.  The most exciting arrivals are those last few from the Southern Hemisphere. This week, we received several that we are really excited about.

Organic Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima: We really like our new Brazil. This year's Nossa Senhora de Fatima has the full, heavy body we look for in a good, naturally processed Brazilian coffee, tempered by a delicate citrus note and lovely chocolate richness...and it's organically certified! For information on this great coffee, click here.

Colombia Traditional Los Narajos de San Agustin: This year, Colombia saved the best of its coffee for last. The new crop Colombia Traditional is even better than last year's, with wonderful and complex fruit notes (citrus and green grape) balanced by sweet, rich caramel. Add a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, and you have a coffee worth bragging about. For more information, click here.

Papua New Guinea Kimel Peaberry: The Kimel estate in the Wahgi Valley of Papua New Guinea, has been one of our favorite coffee origins since we started in the business nearly 14 years ago. The estate started with cuttings from Jamaica. Planted in the island's rich, volcanic soil, the plants thrived, producing a coffee that combined the lively flavor and sweet, floral aroma of Jamaica Blue Mountain with the rich, heavy body and complex herbal notes of the best Indonesian coffees.

Sumatra Mandheling and Organic Sumatra Reje Gayo: Bold, complex and heavy-bodied, the coffees of Sumatra are justifiably famous. Sumatra Mandheling is the classic Indonesian, smooth and rich with a heavy, almost syrupy body and intense Bakers chocolate flavor. As much as we like Sumatra Mandheling, though, we like our new, organic Sumatran even better! Organic Sumatra Reje Gayo is a sustainable, co-op grown coffee that has the heavy body and intense chocolate flavor of a good Sumatran enlivened by interesting lemon and green pepper (really!) topnotes. Organic Sumatra Reje Gayo is unique, delicious and earth-friendly, everything we love to offer in our coffees. For more information on our new organic Sumatran, click here.

Along with the last of the Southern Hemisphere coffees, we also received the first of this year's decaf coffees, decaf Brazil WP, organic decaf Mexico WP and organic decaf Peru WP. For more information on our newest decaf coffees, check out our next coffee blog.