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Coffee by the Roast: fresh roasted, small batch, specialty grade coffee. Online. Roasted-to-order, custom coffee ships within 24 hours to any US address. Find your favorite specialty grade coffee or create your own coffee. Buy coffee online and get fresh, custom coffee delivered to your door.

Monday is President's Day...

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Monday is President's Day...

Carrie Masek

Next Monday, February 20, is President's Day. The USPS is closed for the holiday and any orders we receive after noon on Friday, February 17 will be roasted and mailed on Tuesday, February 21. On Monday, we'll be home making our favorite President's Day treat, Cherry Vanilla Lattes.

Some of us here at Coffee by the Roast are old enough to remember when the holiday was February 22, no matter which day of the week that was, and celebrated George Washington's birthday. One of the stories children were told about our first president was the apocryphal tale of the young Washington who chopped down his father's favorite cherry tree, but avoided punishment because he was honest enough to admit he was responsible.

A great lesson for children, and a wonderful excuse to enjoy cherries in February: Fresh, if you can find them, in desserts, or (you're like us) in coffee. Here's our recipe for Cherry Vanilla Latte.

With an espresso machine:

  • Steam 8 oz of milk

  • Pull 2 shots of your favorite espresso (ours is Espresso Trieste) and add them to the milk.

  • Stir in 1 Tb Vanilla Syrup and 1 Tb Cherry extract (or syrup if you prefer a sweeter latte)

  • Enjoy!

Without an espresso machine:

  • Heat 6 oz cold brew concentrate (or use 6 oz strong-brewed coffee)

  • Heat 6-8 oz milk

  • Blend coffee and milk

  • Stir in 1 Tb Vanilla Syrup and 1 Tb Cherry extract (or syrup if you prefer a sweeter latte)

  • Enjoy!

If you're running low on coffee, please let us as soon as possible, so we can roast and mail your coffee before the 3 day weekend.