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Veterans Day and coffee

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Veterans Day and coffee

Carrie Masek

Veterans Day is traditionally celebrated on November 11.  Originally called Armistice Day, it was first created to mark the day armistice was signed between the Allied nations and Germany on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, the official end of "The War to End all Wars."

One of our Signature Blends, WWI Roast 1917, is a recreation of the coffee served to the men who fought in WWI. Understanding the importance of good coffee for troop morale, the United States Army set up roasters behind trenches so that the soldiers started their day with fresh-roasted coffee.  WWI Roast 1917 is based on a recipe from that time and captures the flavor of the coffee those brave men roasted and drank while they fought to put an end to war.

Unfortunately, war didn't end, and after the Korean War, Armistice Day changed its name to Veterans Day and its purpose to honor veterans of all wars.

Here at Coffee by the Roast, we'd like to do our small part to honor veterans.  From now through Sunday, November 12, we're offering a special Veterans Day discount of 11% on orders of WWI Roast 1917.  There is a promo code box in the Order Summary section of the check out page. All you have to do is type the promo code veteran17 into the promo box, and the website will automatically calculate and apply a 11% discount for the WWI Roast 1917 you've ordered.

Please feel free to share this code with all the veterans in your life.  Sharing coffee is our favorite way so say, "Thanks!"

A quick note about the post office.  Saturday is Veterans Day, but all federal offices will be closed on Friday, November 10.  Post offices will be open on the 10th, but there will be no mail pick up or delivery on Saturday, November 11.. Because of this, any orders we receive after the mail goes out on Friday, November 10 (usually early afternoon) will be roasted and mailed on Friday, but won't arrive until Monday, November 13.

Thanks for reading our Coffee by the Blog!

~ Carrie, Paul and the Coffee Geeks at Coffee by the Roast

For more information on Veterans Day and its history, click here.