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Coffees of the World...Brazil

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Coffees of the World...Brazil

Carrie Masek

Full bodied, rich and nutty...we love Brazilian coffee!  If you've ever enjoyed a particularly smooth, heavy-bodied espresso, or a cup of drip coffee that surprised you with its full, creamy body and rich flavor, chances are you were drinking coffee from Brazil.  

Fun Facts about Brazilian coffee:

- Brazil grows and exports more coffee than any other country in the world, between 40 and 60 million bags a year.

- Most Brazilian coffees are named for the ports they ship out of.  Cerado and Mogiana are two of the biggest coffee exporting ports.

- Particularly lovely Brazilian coffees are sometimes named for the farm where they grow.  Our Organic Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima is a great example of a single estate Brazil.

- Brazilian coffee takes any roast level well.  We have customers who prefer their Brazil as light as a Cinnamon Roast.  Others want their Brazil as dark as Southern Italian or French Roast. What's our favorite? We like our Brazil roasted to a medium roast level, like our Full City, dark enough to take advantage of the body, light enough to bring out the nuances of the coffee's rich flavor. (Check out our roast level chart for more information on roast levels) 

- Brazilian coffee is great for blending with coffees from other regions.  The full body and rich flavor of Brazilian coffee adds depth and richness to many coffee blends.  Boston Blend or March's St. Paddy's Cup are two of our favorites.

- Brazil makes the best espresso.  Worldwide, naturally processed Brazil is the base for most memorable espresso blends.  Espresso Trieste, is our favorite example of a Brazil-based espresso.

- The best Brazilian coffee comes to the US in the months of January and February.

Now is the best time of the year to enjoy the stellar coffees of Brazil!