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2321 Davis St., Unit C
North Chicago, IL


Coffee by the Roast: fresh roasted, small batch, specialty grade coffee. Online. Roasted-to-order, custom coffee ships within 24 hours to any US address. Find your favorite specialty grade coffee or create your own coffee. Buy coffee online and get fresh, custom coffee delivered to your door.

August Newsletter

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Coffee by the Roast newsletters, announcements and coming attractions.  New Varieties of Coffee. New Brewing Methods. Recipes. Here's where you find out what Coffee by the Roast is up to.


August Newsletter

Carrie Masek

It's heating up in the roasting room here at Coffee by the Roast. To help beat the heat, we've created a sweet, full-bodied blend as refreshing as a trip to the seaside. With dark chocolate notes and a hint of spice, Seaside Blend is lively enough to brighten a vacation breakfast and rich enough to compliment the most decadent late night dessert. Great hot, wonderful iced, and amazing poured over vanilla ice cream, at only $10.99 for a full roast* (around 18 oz.), Seaside Blend is a very special coffee at a very special price. Please drop by Coffee by the Roast and order some today.

Panama Boquete is back! As homes fill the mountains of the Boquete region, our favorite coffee from Panama is getting harder and harder to find. We've been looking since April and have finally found some that meets our standards for a good Panama, Kona-like, smooth with honey sweetness and buttery richness. At $14.27 per roast (approximately $12.30/lb), it's not a cheap coffee, but it's a great value! Try a roast today and see!

The Ethiopians have arrived! We coffee geeks (and all those who love the rich, sweet and floral coffees from Ethiopia) have been waiting months for the new Ethiopia Lake Abaya. It's finally here, along with a new Natural Ethiopia Lake Abaya and the wild and wonderful Ethiopia Harrar.

Many coffee historians name Ethiopia as the birthplace of coffee. Coffee plants still grow wild on the hills of the Harrar region, and the coffee from those plants is notable for flavor that can change from pot to pot, even from sip to sip. Sometimes more chocolate, sometimes more dried fruit. This cup prune, that cup fig, sometimes with a touch of sage or a whiff of flowers. Unfortunately, it has been very hard to find Ethiopia Harrar that meets our standards in the green bean. Imagine our surprise when we learned that the same importer who provides our Ethiopia Lake Abaya also offers a Grade 1, practically perfect, Harrar.

We had to try it. Wow, are we glad we did! This Ethiopia Harrar is clean and complex with a combination of an intensely sweet aroma, the flavor of sun-baked persimmons, and a rich, lingering chocolate finish. The balance changes, as we'd expect with a Harrar, and sometimes a hint of spice, or whiff of mountain flowers sneaks into the cup. Though more expensive than many coffees, at $18.59 per roast (approximately $16 /lb) this coffee adventure is well worth every penny. Try a roast today and see for yourself!

Coffee by the Roast is getting a new website! You'll be able to search for your favorite coffee, see pictures of green coffee beans and the bags they come in, and even watch our roasters rolling! It's taking a little longer than we had hoped, but soon, we'll be asking for beta testers, brave people willing to explore our new site and help us make it even better. Watch for a newsletter in the next couple of weeks asking for volunteers and, please, give us a hand. Thanks!

Some of our customers have asked us to grind their whole bean coffee before we ship it. If you would like to try fresh roasted coffee, but don’t have a grinder, just click “the special instructions to merchant” link on the page with the final “pay now” button (or drop us an email at and ask for the coffee to be ground. Let us know what kind of brewer you use (Auto Drip, old-fashioned percolator, French Press, etc) and we will happily grind your coffee before shipping it to you.

Finally, to thank the subscribers to our newsletter, we are including an additional half-roast pouch of Seaside Blend, FREE, with your first order of the month! Just write “August” in the special instructions before you hit the final pay button (or drop us an email at We’ll throw in the extra half-roast at no extra charge. Sharing great coffee is our favorite way to celebrate the end of summer.

Please browse our online store, order a pouch or two and discover the wonder of truly fresh coffee. Your coffee. Your roast. Your way.


The coffee geeks at:

Coffee by the Roast, 2321 Davis St., North Chicago, IL 60064, 847-578-0772

Please forward this note to your coffee loving friends. There’s no such thing as too many good cups of coffee!


*Seaside Blend: approximately $9.80 per pound.

Coffee by the Roast roasts only to order, and ships daily. Each roast starts with 600 grams of green coffee beans. After roasting, the weight of each pouch varies between 1 and 1.2 pounds depending on the variety of coffee and the roast level chosen. Prices on website are per single-roast pouch, and range from $10.99 to $46.25/pouch depending on the coffee – less than $12 per pound for most varieties at most roast levels.