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2321 Davis St., Unit C
North Chicago, IL


Coffee by the Roast: fresh roasted, small batch, specialty grade coffee. Online. Roasted-to-order, custom coffee ships within 24 hours to any US address. Find your favorite specialty grade coffee or create your own coffee. Buy coffee online and get fresh, custom coffee delivered to your door.

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June Newsletter

Carrie Masek


It was rainy and cold all weekend, but today's the first day in June and the sun is shining. Summer is on its way! To celebrate, Coffee Fresh, Inc. has created a custom blend as bold and rich as a long summer evening. "Midsummer's Brew" combines a smooth, full body with dried fruit sweetness and a hint of spice. Great for sipping after dinner or blend with vanilla ice cream for a frosty treat, at only $10.99 for a full roast* (about 17.5 oz.), "Midsummer’s Brew” is a very special coffee at a very special price. Please drop by our website and order some today.

The new crop of Organic Nicaragua Segovia is here! We love this rich, organic coffee with its fruity topnotes, almond nougat sweetness and luscious chocolate finish! We also appreciate that the green beans cost the same this year as last. Still only $13.27 for a full roast (about $11.44 per pound), this Central American delight is well worth the price. Try some today and see!

Coffee by the Roast is going to market...the Lake Forest Open Air Market in Lake Forest, IL. Come meet the coffee geeks! We'll be there Saturdays, 8 am to 1 pm, June 20 through October 10. We'll have a roaster rolling with our special Farmer's Market Blend, a smooth, easy-drinking coffee with citrus topnotes and a rich, sweet flavor that reminds us of a dark chocolate covered caramel. For now, Farmer's Market Blend will only be available at the market, so if you're in the area, please stop by and try a sample cup.

Some of our customers have asked us to grind their whole bean coffee before we ship it. If you would like to try fresh roasted coffee, but don’t have a grinder, just click “the special instructions to merchant” link on the page with the final “pay now” button (or drop us an email ) and ask for the coffee to be ground. Let us know what kind of brewer you use (Auto Drip, old-fashioned percolator, French Press, etc) and we will happily grind your coffee before shipping it to you.

Finally, to thank the subscribers to our newsletter, we are including an additional half-roast pouch of “Midsummer’s Brew,” FREE, with your first order of the month! Just write “June” in the special instructions before you hit the final pay button (or drop us an email ) We’ll throw in the extra half-roast at no extra charge. Sharing great coffee is our favorite way to celebrate summer.

Please browse our online store, order a pouch or two and discover the wonder of truly fresh coffee. Your coffee. Your roast. Your way.

This coffee message is brought to you by the coffee geeks at:

Coffee Fresh, Inc., 2321 Davis St., North Chicago, IL 60064, 847-578-0772

Please forward this note to your coffee loving friends. There’s no such thing as too many good cups of coffee!


*Approximately $9.99 per pound.

Coffee Fresh, Inc. roasts only to order, and ships daily. Each roast starts with 600 grams of green coffee beans. After roasting, the weight of each pouch varies between 1 and 1.2 pounds depending on the variety of coffee and the roast level chosen. Prices on website are per single-roast pouch, and range from $10.99 to $44.76/pouch depending on the coffee – a little over $11 per pound for most varieties at most roast levels.

Coffee Fresh, Inc. now has a wholesale website. Please let your favorite coffee shop or restaurant know that they can now find the best coffee at the most reasonable prices at .

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