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2321 Davis St., Unit C
North Chicago, IL


Coffee by the Roast offers fresh roasted, small batch, specialty grade coffee to buy online. Roasted-to-order, custom coffee is shipped within 24 hours and delivers to any US address. Find your favorite specialty grade coffee or create your own custom coffee. Buy coffee online and get fresh roasted, custom coffee delivered to your door.

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Exclusively from Coffee by the Roast™ -- Retail pouches of our 100% Arabica, specialty grade coffee. Each pouch starts with 600 grams of raw, unroasted, green coffee. YOU pick the coffee. YOU pick the roast level. Our small batch roasters minimize waste and maximize quality to give YOU the best coffee for the best possible price.

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By Roast Level

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Don't know which coffee, but know how dark you like it?  This product's for you!

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City: Cotton Candy, An easy-drinking breakfast coffee, bright, sweet and lively, with a spritz of citrus that melts into a clean, refreshing finish.

Full City: Chicago Cup 1925, a well balanced, medium-bodied coffee with an intense, complex flavor.

Vienna: San Francisco Foglifter 1950, a well balanced, heavy-bodied coffee with a very intense, complex flavor. Especially good prepared in a French Press.

Northern Italian: Cafe Mokha Java 2000, a balanced coffee blend with intense, citrus topnotes and smooth, rich body.  The original coffee blend and an excellent dinner coffee.

Southern Italian: New Orleans Roast 1803, a smooth, medium-bodied coffee with a rich flavor and clean finish that shines at this dark roast level. Mix with chicory for the traditional coffee of Mardi Gras.

French: Ile de France 1700, a mild, heavy-bodied coffee with a smooth, rich flavor. Roasted the Parisian way.

(1 roast = 600 grams green coffee. Roasted weight approximately 18 oz.)