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2321 Davis St., Unit C
North Chicago, IL


Coffee by the Roast is the retail website of Coffee Fresh, Inc, a small batch, specialty grade coffee roaster in North Chicago, IL, where customers can buy coffee online. Coffee by the Roast allows retail customers to buy fresh, custom roasted coffee online and have it shipped to any US address.  We provide only specialty grade coffee and roast the coffee to order.  Since coffee remains fresh for two to three weeks after roasting, we mail the coffee within twenty four hours to ensure our coffee is always fresh.


Brewing Coffee

Your beans arrived just the way you ordered, now it's time to brew the perfect pot.  Time to get your coffee drink on!  Whatever your drinking preferences--coffee or espresso--or coffee making equipment--french press, drip coffee pot, Melitta filter, areo press or espresso machine--find the step-by-step method to yield the perfect pot, cup or shot of your drink.

Brewers, Grinds and Roast Levels

See how different Brewers (from French Press to Keurig®-style single cup), Grinds and Roast Levels affect the character and flavor of your coffee.

Coffee begins to stale about twenty-five minutes after grinding. At Coffee by the Roast, we encourage all our customers to grind their own coffee immediately before brewing. Since different grinds work best for different brewers, here is a quick look at the most common brewer types* and the grind that works best for each.

Brewing Coffee French Press
Brewing Coffee Electric Percolator
Brewing Coffee Auto Drip
Brewing Coffee Keurig Single Cup Brew System
Brewing Coffee Manual Drip Melita
Brewing Coffee Espresso

The correct grind is essential to brew a good cup of coffee. For other cures for the “less than perfect” cup, see our Trouble-Shooting chart.

Some of our customers have asked us to grind their whole bean coffee before we ship it. If you would like to try fresh roasted coffee, but don’t have a grinder, just click “the special instructions to merchant” link on the page with the final “pay now” button (or drop us an email) and ask for the coffee to be ground. Let us know what kind of brewer you use and we will happily grind your coffee before shipping it to you.

Trouble-Shooting Guide

My coffee doesn't taste right!  What is going on??

The most important part of brewing a good cup of coffee is choosing the right coffee beans, but sometimes even the best beans can brew into a disappointing cup of coffee. Brewing coffee is a dance between three factors: Water temperature, amount of coffee used, and the grind. Here are the most common reasons for the less than perfect cup and what you can do about them.

Coffee Problems Troubleshoot Chart